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Nov 11, 2011

China's new energy vehicle sector faces growing pains (Xinhua)

July 16, 2011 BEIJING, July 16 (Xinhua) -- Zhao Liang, a resident of Changchun in northeastern China, takes the No.66 bus to work every day, never noticing a difference between the bus he used to take and the one he takes now - the one with the words 'hybrid power' emblazoned on its backside.
May 29, 2011

Energy Policy to Fuel Economic Objectives (China Daily)

By Damien Ma March 21, 2011 Although the 12th Five-Year Plan technically concludes in 2015, it is more apt to view the plan as the opening salvo to a pivotal decade intended to shepherd China toward a sustainable, innovative, and integrated continental economy. Indeed, the new plan is a sober recognition that pursuit of China's current export and investment-led growth model is facing diminishing returns. Sustaining growth, in the face of a realignment in global consumption and demand patterns, will require a different emphasis on qualitative growth and domestic consumption. A lower 7 percent growth target and language that trumpets economic development over growth indicate that Chinese policymakers realize this.
Oct 18, 2006

China Fuel Tax its Best Weapon to Check Oil Demand

China's energy planners are ready to take the bitter pill of an unpopular nationwide fuel tax to put the brakes on runaway fuel demand in the world's second-biggest oil consumer.
Oct 18, 2006

China Enacts First Fuel-Efficiency Standards

China has introduced its first fuel-efficiency standards for passenger cars, moving to control soaring oil consumption and ensure foreign automakers share their latest technology.

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