Vice President, Strategy and Planning

Job Title: Vice President, Strategy and Planning (VPSP)
Beijing, CN
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Serving as a member of the EF China management team (MT), the Vice President, Strategy and Planning (VPSP) leads the organization’s strategy and plan development, budgeting, research and information platform management, knowledge synthesizing and strategic advising.  Meanwhile, as the MT member, the VPSP also provides input to strategy implementation, spending plan development, grant making and project management.


Strategy and Plan Development and Budget Allocation

  • Develop Office-wide strategies in an integrative manner that are in alignment with its vision; provide clear directions, insights and guidance to taskforce and program strategies;
  • Proactively identify and incubate new opportunities and innovative concepts, working with grantees, experts, decision makers to set up agenda for discussion on strategy and new concepts;
  • Lead the team and coordinate with taskforces and programs to generate concept notes and proposals;
  • Allocate budget based on organization, taskforce and program strategies, with clear priorities and expected outcome.

Research and Information Platform Management

  • Provide guidance and top design of the research agenda for EF China to frame the needs for thematic analysis and data in a view to link analysis, data and policy debates;
  • Lead the establishment and operation of the modeling and data platform, including setting high level goals, infrastructure design and optimization of the platform for generating bigger impact;
  • Align external stakeholders in the field in designing, developing, improving, data sharing and application of the platform;
  • Provide strategic guidance and supervision to the Director of Strategy and Planning in conducting comprehensive analysis and synthesizing key findings and insights to support strategy development.

Synthesizing and Strategic Advising

  • Provide guidance to taskforces, programs and grantees to generate high quality reports, including research direction, storyline and outline;
  • Provide guidance in synthesizing key findings from EF China’s program work and analysis generated by the research and information platform;
  • Review policy notes and reports, and provide strategic advices to decision makers;
  • Out reach to decision makers to elaborate our strategic advices and to facilitate the policy making process.

Collaborations and Partnership

  • Advance office-wide collaboration by coordinating the efforts across taskforces and programs;
  • Share insights on data analysis, modeling, strategy formulation, budgeting and strategic advising as inputs to the strategy implementation process, including spendingplan development, grantmakingand project management;
  • Participate in regular taskforce and program meetings to guide strategy development and budgeting, and to support strategies implementation;
  • Build and maintain domain expertise, ensure proactive knowledge sharing with the field and across taskforces and programs;
  • Assist with the cultivation of new funders and nurture existing partner relationship, working closely with the President and VP of Strategic Partnerships;
  • Identify and cultivate valuable partners to maximize synergy, representing EF China externally as appropriate.

General Management

  • Provide managerial supervision and demonstrate leadership on talent selection, on-the-job coaching, training, professional development and performance management to team members;
  • Foster team spirit and a learning atmosphere within the team;
  • Undertake additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the President ortheMT;
  • Back up other colleagues as needed.


  • Education: Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a related field: environment, energy, climate change, and economics; Ph.D. would be favored.
  • Working Experience: About 15-20 years of related working experience, including 5-8 years of managerial experiences; Energy, environments, climate change and economic development related experience is preferred. Experiences in strategic planning and policy research are considered as a plus.
  • Language Level: Chinese native speaker; excellent command of spoken and written English, communicates in English effectively in public, with deep understandings on western cultures.
  • Team Leadership: able to inspire a vision of challenging goals and accomplishment, use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to motive diverse groups toward achieving intended results, delegate effectively and acknowledge accomplishments of team members.
  • Strategic Thinking: an independent thinker with integrated view, able to understand the different areas of climate/energy and development related issues and the field landscape and is able to anticipate the future scenarios with big-picture thinking, be able to maintain a balance and awareness of status of all programs.
  • Problem Solving: is able to find solutions and make appropriate judgment and decision, consider the impact of decision on affected parties and/or programs.
  • Communication and Coordination Skills: effective consensus-building, communicates logically and articulates key messages/points with clear structure, listens actively, is able to sense and take care of audience’s emotion and unspoken views, finds interactions for all parties to achieve win-win and presents audience’s benefits clearly, synthesizes different views to develop integrated messages.
  • Networking: ability to develop new alliances and formal networks, mobilize external resources and foster the relationships with key stakeholders to achieve long-term mutual interest.


  • Ethical Behavior/Integrity – Demonstrates principled performance and sound ethics, showing consistency among principles, values and behaviors to build trust and credibility internally and externally.

Mission-driven/Initiative –Inspired by the organization's vision and mission, and take actions with ownership, can-do attitude and proactive mindset.

  • Team Spirits – Collaboratively works toward solutions which benefit all involved parties; willingly cooperate with others to accomplish team/organization objectives.

Please email a cover letter and resume, subject line "Application for VPSP", to


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