Consultant for Kigali Cooling Efficiency China Project (K-CEP Consultant)

Job Title: Consultant for Kigali Cooling Efficiency China Project (K-CEP Consultant)
Reports To: 
Program Officer, China Industry Program, Energy Foundation China
: One year with possible extension


In 2016, the Parties to the Montreal Protocol adopted the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol to phase out these high GWP HFCs. It is estimated that this amendment could avoid up to 0.5 degrees of warming by 2100. However, taking additional steps to reduce demand for cooling significantly, and to increase equipment and whole cooling system efficiency represents a powerful approach to capturing the dual benefits of direct GHG reduction from fewer refrigerant leaks and indirect GHG reduction from reduced energy consumption simultaneously.

Kigali Cooling Efficiency Project (K-CEP) was launched in April 2017 by 18 philanthropists and philanthropic foundations to maximize climate and development benefits associated with integrating energy efficiency improvements in refrigeration and air conditioning in coordination with the transition to climate-friendly refrigerants agreed to in the Montreal Protocol and its Kigali Amendment.

In support of Kigali Cooling Efficiency Project, Energy Foundation China (EFC) initiated and launched the China Cooling Efficiency Project (K-CEP China Project) starting from 2018. The goal of K-CEP China Project is to maximize the mitigation potential in residential and commercial air-conditioning in China through the development of energy-efficiency standards and labels and complementary market transformation programs of promoting high efficiency and low GWP air-conditioning products. EFC is responsible for strategy development, program management, monitoring and evaluation, and overall coordination of K-CEP China project.

The K-CEP Consultant’s main duties include conducting policy and technical researches, facilitating the discussions among the Technical Steering Committee members and Working Groups, developing and maintaining communication strategies to deliver program impacts, and organizing and coordinating visits and events during the K-CEP China project cycle.


Facilitate the discussions among the Technical Steering Committee members and Working Groups:

  • Coordinate and provide ongoing support to Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and Working Groups (WG) meetings and activities;
  • Share knowledge, expertise, critical information and networks withTSC members and WGs, members from policy makers, opinion leaders, partners, business sectors and other experts or leaders in the field;

Conduct policy and technical researches:

  • Collect data on Air-conditioners (ACs) efficiency, refrigerant type, price ranges and technologies, etc.; 
  • Conduct related policy and market researches and technical analysis on ACs technology trends and market development;
  • Review and summarize the technical reports of the assigned projects and develop communication plans to deliver the impacts;
  • Work with EFC team on K-CEP strategy formulation and review by conducting basic research and providing input based on frequent communications with stakeholders;

Support collaboration and developing communication strategies to deliver impacts:

  • Report regularly on K-CEP China events and grantee led activities in forms of newsletter, WeChat articles and emails to project stakeholders in China and overseas.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for project level collaboration and coordination, and work closely with partners to deliver the impact;
  • Support grantee led efforts on developing and implementing communication plans for promoting high efficiency and low GWP products;

Organize and coordinate visits and events

  • Organize and coordinate all kinds of technical advisory meetings/workshops, consultant visits, study tours and funder trips to share progress of K-CEP project.

This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a related field: HVAC, energy, environments, economics, industrial engineering, communication etc.
  • More than 3 years of related working experience; experiences in HVAC, energy efficiency, environment and project management are strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated capacity in developing research outlines, data collection and analysis methods, and report development
  • Excellent time management skills and flexible and timely working style
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in Chinese and English
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to communicate with others clearly, listen actively, deliver key messages concisely and write with clear logics

Please email a cover letter and resume, subject line "Application of K-CEP Consultant ",


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