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Low-Carbon Cities Think Tank Partnership Launched in Shenzhen

Low-Carbon Cities Think Tank Partnership Launched in Shenzhen

Representatives from founding organizations

Low-Carbon Cities Think Tank Partnership Launched in Shenzhen


The Low-Carbon Cities Think Tank Partnership was officially launched at the Second Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum on June 10, which is China’s National Low-Carbon Day.

Director General of the Department of Climate Change of the National Development and Reform Commission Su Wei announced the establishment of the Partnership, saying "It's hoped that the Low-Carbon Cities Think Tank Partnership could serve the work of low-carbon pilot cities, carbon trading pilot programs, and China's macro-level strategic studies on low-carbon development in China, making a difference in building a green, low-carbon, and beautiful China".

The Partnership will facilitate the study, integration, and promotion of low-carbon development policies and practices both at home and abroad. It will act as a platform that serves decision-makers, promotes technology exchange between partners, and performs public advocacy. The Partnership - jointly founded by a broad variety of domestic Chinese research and advocacy institutes and Energy Foundation China - will support low-carbon development institutes in pilot cities in China and other organizations that interface with decision makers. It will invite other partners as it works to build the future of low-carbon development in China.

The Partnership’s steering committee will include representatives from relevant government departments, academic institutions, and research institutes. A special committee will be composed of experts from different fields and representatives of relevant organizations. The Partnership’s Secretariat will organize bi-annual meetings of the steering committee, annual meetings of the Partnership, convene seminars on hot issues, develop research tools, maintain a platform website for information sharing, disseminate quarterly information bulletins about China and the world, and raise funds.



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