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Energy Foundation China holds 14th Dialogue Partners' Meeting

Energy Foundation China holds 14th Dialogue Partners' Meeting

Energy Foundation China recently held its 14th annual Dialogue Partners Meeting. The Dialogue Partners group consists of 41 current and former director-level senior government officials and top experts in the field.

Present at this one-day event were representatives of relevant ministries of the central government, including the National Energy Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Development Research Center of the State Council; provincial and municipal-level governments such as Shandong Provincial Government and Shanghai Municipal Government; and a variety of key grantees and field experts.

EF China President Jiansheng Wang opened the morning session with introductory remarks, after which three guest speakers gave compelling presentations. In a talk titled “Analysis of CO2 Emission Peak Value in China,” former Deputy President of Tsinghua University He Jiankun said that with strong efforts China’s CO2 emission could peak around the year 2030. Li Xun, secretary general of the Chinese Society for Urban Studies, urged policymakers to embrace sustainable urbanization. Tsinghua University Professor Ouyang Mingao showed that electric vehicle development in China and around the world has reached a turning point. China’s policymakers should seize this opportunity to remove barriers and boost this development.

In the afternoon session, chaired by Mr. BAI Rongchun, former director-general of the National Energy Administration under the National Development and Reform Commission, EF China staff members reported on their work. Deputy Chief Representative ZHANG Ruiying discussed on EF China’s overall outlook and progress in its collaborative projects in the past year. All program directors then reported on their program strategies, key areas of focus, and progress in 2014. The staff presentation was followed by active discussions, in which all the Dialogue Partners provided feedback and suggestions for further improving EF China’s work.


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