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CIREC Conference on the Use of Renewable Energy in Urban Buildings, May 15-16, 2008 in Shenzhen


Environmental approaches and energy resources are becoming key issues in the world. Energy is a necessity in today's society. Global energy consumption will continue to grow due to economic and social development.  Activities associated with rapid economic growth, such as increased population density, unsustainable economic development, and large scale consumption of fossil fuels, have caused a series of global pollution problems that threaten social development.  Enhancing renewable energy technology will therefore be indispensable in the long-term. The International Union of Architects (UIA) and Architectural Society of China (ASC) will host the 'Chinese and International Conference on the Use of Renewable Energy in Urban Buildings (CIREC)' in Shenzhen from May 15-16, 2008, with support from the Energy Foundation and undertaken by Shenzhen Institute of Building Research (IBR). The purpose of CIREC is to share information on policy scenarios, finance mechanisms, and technology achievements with respect to renewable energy development in urban areas. The conference will also promote international cooperation in the use of renewable energy in urban buildings and accelerate integration of renewable energy and urban buildings on a global scale.



Chinese and International Approaches to Renewable Energy Use in Urban Buildings



l   Renewable energy use in 2008 Olympic Games stadium in Beijing

l   Renewable energy use in urban business centers

l   Energy efficient technology in green buildings

l   Integrating engineering practices of renewable energy and architecture


Invitees include leaders of UIA and ASC, mayors of municipal governments, Chinese and foreign experts, architects, planners, designers, equipment manufactures, suppliers, representatives from scientific research institutions, as well as well-known domestic and foreign enterprises in the renewable energy sector.

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