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Tsinghua President Dr. Chen Jining Joins CSEP PAC

Tsinghua President Dr. Chen Jining Joins CSEP PAC

July 23, 2012—The China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP) is honored to announce that Dr. Chen Jining has accepted the invitation to join the Senior Policy Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAC is a high-level think tank comprising ministerial-level officials from China's central and provincial governments, along with their international counterparts. There are currently 27 members. The strategic input and guidance of this group play a key role in CSEP's work.

Dr. Jiang Lin, an Energy Foundation senior vice president and CSEP chairman, said, "It is our great honor to have Dr. Chen as our distinguished PAC member. Our success in China is largely contributed to the strong commitment and support from the PAC members. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Chen and I am sure that his wisdom, expertise, and influence will be valuable assets for our mission."

Dr. Chen Jining was named president of Tsinghua University in February 2012. Prior to that he served many leadership positions including as executive vice president, dean of the university's graduate school, and dean of the School of Environmental Engineering. He is highly respected and has a strong track record in his field. Dr. Chen also holds other positions, including member of the State Environment Advisory Board, vice chairman of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and vice chairman of the China Environment Science Society.


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