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Global LED Lighting Outlook Released

Global LED Lighting Outlook Released

April 2nd, Beijing, China.

The Global Solid State Lighting Outlook Report (GSO) was released today. Developed by the International SSL Alliance (ISA) and funded by the Energy Foundation (EF), the GSO is the world's first comprehensive report of its kind in the LED lighting industry. It provides the industry with a panoramic overview of the technical and economic aspects of Solid State Lighting (LED lighting). The GSO includes sections on strategic research developments, industry status and trends, market potential and forecasts, as well as international best practice policies and strategies that advance LED technology around the world.

Ms. Wu Ling, President of ISA, stated, "Many reports on LED markets and technologies are available. But we are lacking a panoramic, objective, and in-depth analysis of the current status and future trends of the global LED lighting industry. This report provides insights for the global LED lighting industry."

ISA Secretary General Mr. Ruisheng Yue commented, "With the GSO report, the International SSL Alliance is making a very important contribution to the global LED lighting industry. We will continue our efforts to promote cooperation within the industry and market transformation toward super energy efficient LED lighting products."

Dr. Kevin Mo, Director of the China Buildings Program of the Energy Foundation, said, "LED lighting offers an alternative technology for China and many other countries that have started phasing out incandescent lights. It is more energy efficient than CFL lighting. China recently set a goal for LED lights to reach 20 percent market share by 2015, up from 0.2 percent in 2010. This will lead to annual electricity savings of 60 billion kWh and annual carbon emissions reduction of 60 MtCO2e."

The GSO report is being released at the perfect time. In February 2013, China's National Development and Reform Commission, together with other relevant ministries, released a national plan for the LED lighting industry, identifying LED as an advanced technology with considerable promise in terms of energy saving, design creativity, and usability in new lighting systems.

Lighting accounts for 13 percent of China's total electricity consumption. In 2011, China adopted a roadmap to phase out florescent lamps. With these recent policy developments, LED is sure to play an increasingly important role in realizing efficiency gains in China's lighting industry.

The full GSO report is available on the official website of the Energy Foundation. 


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