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Oct 18, 2006

China Enacts First Fuel-Efficiency Standards

China has introduced its first fuel-efficiency standards for passenger cars, moving to control soaring oil consumption and ensure foreign automakers share their latest technology.
Oct 18, 2006

China Grapples With Energy Demands

Fuqiang Yang, CSEP’s Beijing Chief Representative, discusses how China is grappling with a massively increased demand for electricity.
Oct 18, 2006

The Impact of Asia's Giants

How China and India could save the planet—or destroy it.
Oct 18, 2006

Local Authorities Blamed for Bad Energy Efficiency

Rapid economic growth means the country is not going to meet its energy efficiency targets this year.
Oct 18, 2006

Solar Power Energizing Rural China

With 20 million people waiting to get on the electrical grid in China, officials in Beijing have launched a campaign to make sure the newest energy consumers will use renewable sources instead.
Oct 18, 2006

Chinese Premier to Visit Australia

Dr. Yang Fuqiang from the Energy Foundation, says, “ China's appetite for energy is ravenous.”
Oct 18, 2006

China Lags on Olympic Bid Goal

“Most of the larger state-owned enterprises tend to be able to pollute without a lot of oversight from the environmental protection bureaus.” Doug Ogden, Energy Foundation
Oct 18, 2006

Implications of China's Energy Growth

Speaking at the China Environment Forum meeting, Douglas Ogden (Energy Foundation) and Michael Wang (Argonne National Laboratory) provided rich information on the current and potential impacts of China’s rapid energy growth.
Oct 18, 2006

China Govt May Miss Energy-Saving Target

Energy efficiency is the current buzzword among Chinese policy makers and it's a pillar of the nation's economic blueprint to 2010. But Beijing is facing the embarrassing situation of missing a key target in the very first year.
Oct 18, 2006

We Don't Need More Power

Douglas Ogden, Director of CSEP, writes about China’s need to once again lead the world in energy efficiency.

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