Bellagio Memorandum on Motor Vehicle Policy

Bellagio Memorandum on Motor Vehicle Policy

Publish Date:
Dec 20, 2002

In June 2001, The Energy Foundation convened a three-day meeting of 18 leading regulators and experts from China, Europe, Japan, and the U.S. to develop a shared vision of future motor vehicle policy. The meeting took place in Bellagio, Italy, at a facility operated by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The premise of the meeting was that automobile manufacturers and oil companies are quintessential global companies, but they face regulations that are different - sometimes vastly different - in dozens of key countries. This patchwork regulation, inconsistent in both means and goals, costs auto and oil companies billions of dollars as they design different products for different regulatory systems. Further, it leaves hundreds of millions of people without the benefit of the best systems to reduce pollution and energy waste, and imposes profound health, environmental, and economic costs on the citizens of many nations. Harmonizing the best policies across key auto markets can address this dysfunction.

The Bellagio group agreed on a set of principles to guide regulators toward best practices for controlling emissions of greenhouse gases, conventional air pollutants, and toxics, and promoting advanced technologies. A summary report in English, Japanese, and Chinese is available for download at 

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